About Us & Brand


Mountain Oasis Water was first introduced in the 5 Gallon Bottle to various retail locations throughout the Mother Lode over 30 years ago and has since become the #1 Brand and Service in Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties. Over those years there have been numerous competing companies that have provided similar services and most all of them have combined with Mountain Oasis to create the largest Locally Owned bottling plant to service the Mother Lode. In the Summer of 2006 Brandi and myself (John) purchased the company and have since grown the business by 300% on the Philosophy that “The Best Quality Product with the Best Customer Service at the Best Price in the Mother Lode” will beat any competition and do it without creating long term contracts. We now service over 1,500 Businesses and Residential locations throughout Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties.

Our water currently goes through a 7 step process to achieve the very high standard of quality to be recognized as “Purified Water” by the State of California, Food & Drug Administration. Not only does it meet the FDA guidelines to be Purified we typically exceed those standards by 85-95%. We are very proud to say that our product quality is close to what is classified as “Ultra Purified”. The main workhorse within the 7 step process is through Reverse Osmosis (RO). 30 years ago, the original Purified Product was created through Deionization and the Disinfection process was done by Ozonating the water. Deionization itself was very effective but caustic and very oxidizing to the equipment so it was decided to move to the RO process which was much safer. Over the last 10 years new technology in treatment have evolved and with each update to our 7 step process we have been able to achieve a higher level of quality each time.

Everyday we take our responsibility of Quality and Service very serious and happy to do so in the Mother Lode.