Our Water

Not all water makes it into our bottles. Purified Water is a very pristine product and each drop of water must exceed industry and company standards. Specifically, State of California, Food & Drug Administration Standards for “Purified Water”. These quality standards establish stringent limits for microbiological, physical, chemical and radiological substances for bottled water products. We take pride in the fact that our bottled water plant has passed ALL weekly, quarterly and annually required testing and onsite FDA Inspections the entire time we have owned the company.


Our Process

Mountain Oasis Water is produced through a 7-step process. Source water comes to us as safe drinking water by means of Tuolumne Utilities District and initially goes through 2 separate Activated Carbon (AC) Filters. After the (AC) it passes through a 1 micron filter and into a high pressure Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane System. The RO System is the main work horse and has the ability to remove over 99% of all contaminates. Once through the RO process the water is considered a “Purifed Water” but to reach our standards we send it through 3 more steps to insure the Mountain Oasis Standard of Purity. From the sealed storage tank on the way to the bottle we pump the Purified Water back through a set of Post Activated Carbon Filters and another 1 micron filter on its way into the Ozone Contact Chamber. This final Ozone contact assures that no bacteria is present as the water fills the bottle and does it WITHOUT any chemical disinfection. Our entire process is chemical free with no additives which leaves our product as close to Ultra Purified as you can get.

Our Standard of Purity is so high that our local Water Testing Lab uses it for multiple reasons within their Lab Testing and Cleaning.